lundi 31 juillet 2017

My first Pixel Scrapper Blog Train / Mon premier partage "Blog Train"

Hi! Bonjour!

Voici donc le Jour P pour partage... Vous pourrez télécharger en format .zip (fichier condensé) les papiers et éléments qui font partie du kit "Good Vibes" de Pixel Scrapper en ce 1er août 2017. Cliquez sur le bouton tout en bas pour télécharger (ou sur celui en anglais, au choix) !

Hi !
I just finished my first blog train ever with Pixel Scrapper, YAY!!!
I downloaded Illustrator and had basically 8 days to try it out before making a decision. No class, no YouTube video, nothing, I just dove right in !

The designs I did at first weren't so great (you really know how to sell your stuff, lady), but I'm honestly kind of proud of myself because I had only a few days and I did learn pretty fast (in my opinion, of course!). I decided to enter in the PSBT in the second week of July, so I didn't have a lot of time for everything, but I believe I succeeded.

You can download the result by clicking here or on the image below. I sincerely hope you like the work I did.
I can't believe it took me such a little time to improve my skills! At the end of the 8 days, even though I couldn't design new papers and accessories everyday, I felt a lot more comfortable with Adobe Illustrator (CC 2017 is the official version I had).

If you never ever did this, I'd say GO FOR IT ! It was a blast, honestly.

Don't hesitate to give me some feedback! As long as it's considerate and constructive, of course !



Voici les couleurs du mois d'août